Trip Console Horizon

Trip Console Horizon™ is a suite of robust solutions presented with AgentWare’s industry leading user-interface.  These tools are utilized by Professional Travel Agents and Unmanaged Corporate Travelers to search and book low fare airline content from many carriers simultaneously.

We have completely re-engineered and diversified our vastly popular Trip Console product to deliver a unique solution tailored to your specific business model and functional requirements.  Horizon is the culmination of listening to our customers, partners and prospects to define and deploy a next generation solution that is both easy to  integrate and easy to use while providing intense value to you and your end customers.  Simply said – Horizon offers a solution with configurable parameters to serve every user requiring immediate access to low-cost-carrier and airline web-fare content.

Our first deployment of solutions built on this new common architecture includes:

·         Trip Console Standard™ (TCs)

·         Trip Console with GDS Integration (TCi)

·         Trip Console Mobile™ (TCm)

Common to all of these exciting solutions are the following new features and functions that create broader efficiencies and enrich the user experience:

  • New Architecture
  • New GUI Presentation
  • SmartSearch Technology Engine™
  • Double Open Jaw
  • Accounting Lines
  • Configurable PNR Remarks
  • Fare Savings Analysis
  • Multiple GDS Integration
  • Simultaneous GDS Session Support
  • Local and Remote Administration
  • Easy Deployment
  • Multi-Currency Compliant
  • Available in Multiple Languages
  • Back-Office and Mid-Office Integration

Trip Console Standard™ (TCs) Available for both Professional Travel Agents, without GDS integration requirements, and Unmanaged Corporate Travelers.  TCs provides a fully-integrated profile management system with the ability to search and book airline content via our aggregated carrier display.  TCs is cross-browser compliant, accessed via a unique URL, with secure username / password controls.  TCs completes in one search what was previously a manual process to evaluate each individual airlines website inventory separately.

TCs allows you to identify the most airline options available for your traveler and helps you to stay competitive by savings time, decreasing errors and boosting productivity.  TCs is accessible 24 hours a day from anywhere with an internet connection.

Trip Console Integrated™ (TCi) utilized by Travel Professionals, is tightly integrated with the GDS and traditional agent workflow.  TCi’s full-featured and intelligent search functionality allows you to access and compare real-time fares from a variety of low-cost carriers, consolidators and aggregators. Moreover, TCi empowers you to feel confident that you’re offering your travelers the best possible price, while earning commission on your bookings and providing your customers access to their negotiated or carrier contracted rates.

TCi provides extensive automated documentation features which complete the booking within the carriers’ website environment, and then facilitate the documentation and passive segment creation within your present GDS environment.

Trip Console Integrated™ is programmatically configurable to accommodate formatting of data to accommodate specific mid-office and back-office requirements. TCi is now integrated with all GDS solutions.

Additional benefits that allow our customers to compete and win!

  • Access to agent-only sites that pay commissions to member agencies
  • Immediate access to over 150 airlines, consolidators and aggregators
  • Email-able itineraries
  • Concise fare audit display
  • AgentWare’s innovative “Click once, Search twice” technology that allows you to search your GDS and the Web with one command
  • Improve productivity by streamlining web searching and booking
  • Reduce errors due to manual data entry

TCi is the tool of choice for professional travel companies requiring access to all available airlines content.

Trip Console Mobile™ (TCm) An industry leading solution for business travelers; TCm enables real-time aggregated searching and booking via your Smartphone.  Booking is available up to the moment a carrier closes inventory, providing tremendous value for travelers caught with a last minute cancellation or unavoidably detained business meeting.

Trip Console Mobile™ is integrated with BlackBerry, Google Phone with iPhone capabilities coming shortly.

Travel Management Companies continually driving to achieve the “service differentiation point”; TCm is the solution – enable your corporate clients with access to TCm for the ultimate service differentiators.