InterStream Content Delivery

InterStream Content Delivery™ is the newest offering from AgentWare’s portfolio of products aimed at solving customer and partner requirements.  This innovative solution couples XML Web Services with a customizable display interface resulting in deployable business components that can be integrated into existing applications ranging from corporate web sites to handheld products.  InterStream Content Delivery™ allows for efficient adoption and adaptation to growing changes in the travel marketplace with minimal to no effort required from the customer.  InterStream is designed to help reduce or eliminate costs associated with changing or modifying existing applications to incorporate new content from around the web.

InterStream is the result of years of experience developing and consuming web services.  We have assisted Global 2000 customers as well as directly integrated with many of the largest airlines in the world.  We understand the difficulties and the costs related to web services integration and the timeliness of getting new content included in your application to satisfy new customers or partners.  Using our InterStream technology, we have been able to serve as a solutions provider for our customers when they lack the resources to implement their business requirements. InterStream efficiently merges this gap between business need and resource availability by providing not only the content but also the customizable business object for any existing or new application.

Solution Spotlight

A leading corporate booking tool provider worked with AgentWare to satisfy an emergency need to add search and booking content to their product but lacked the available resources to modify their application.  InterStream solved this problem by providing a custom booking window component for their existing application that allowed the booking tool provider to adapt to the marketplace and gain a new corporate customer.  AgentWare was able to deploy this solution in less than a single day without any changes to the customer’s product.


  • Supports web services and traditional HTTP integration
  • A variety of deployable components that exceed industry and airline standards
  • Robust API supporting bi-directional communication with your mid/back office
  • Ability to display different views of the same data using our customizable view templates
  • Built on AgentWare’s SmartSearch Technology Engine™


  • Requires minimal resources from your staff
  • Swift adaptation to changes in the market place
  • Ability to leverage AgentWare as your Software Solutions Provider to build custom components to meet your specific needs