Global Mobile


Trip Console Mobile™ is the first generation of Smartphone applications available from AgentWare.  This industry leading application built on top of our SmartSearch Technology Engine™ is the first to bring real-time schedules and fares to your choice of email or booking completion.  Easy and simple to use, Trip Console Mobile™ will satisfy your booking needs whenever and wherever you need immediate access to airline reservations.   Trip Console Mobile™ is also available as a white label for companies or airlines that want to help differentiate their value proposition to customers or partners.


  • Real-time, integrated, non-GDS and low cost carrier fares at your fingertips when you need it
  • User choice to document schedule and fare via email or book directly
  • Fare auditing
  • Integration later this year with smartphone wallet and encryption applications


  • Improves productivity by streamlining web searches
  • Provides a comprehensive view of the travel environment
  • Decreases errors due to manual data entry
  • Accessible 24 hours a day from anywhere there is cell network or wi-fi connection for your smartphone
  • International and regional solution for customers that have only cell technology access to the internet