AgentWare Data Services

AgentWare Data Services™ offers travel industry innovators a robust and low-cost option for displaying travel information within your current application. Moreover, the easy-to-implement web service or XML formatting gives your company access to the engine that drives AgentWare’s leading fare search tool – Trip Console Horizon™.

Utilizing your company’s interface and an XML formatted response, AgentWare’s Data Services™ searches over 150 supplier sites, seamlessly integrating real-time, low-fare and non-GDS information into your application. Your company maintains its corporate branding while displaying relevant, real-time data. Your travelers benefit from the ease of searching, retrieving and booking low fares from the most relevant sources on the Internet – all without leaving your site.


  • A dynamic XML/SOAP Web service that handles data exchange
  • Real-time, LCC and non-GDS fare results for over 150 supplier sources
  • Full control over the display of search results
  • Automated booking
  • Built on AgentWare’s SmartSearch Technology Engine™


  • Offers your customers a comprehensive view of the non-GDS, low-fare travel environment without ever leaving your application
  • Allows you to display travel data on your application while adhering to corporate branding standards
  • AgentWare’s cooperative approach with suppliers guarantees data accuracy, reliability and long-term value